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Star for Life Foundation in Jerusalem

The focus of The Foundation

The foundation focuses on the advancement of better life opportunities for all inhabitants of East Jerusalem, so that they, in the long term, can build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Peace and prosperity for the inhabitants of East Jerusalem is the long-term priority. We believe that this can also add value to the broader region.

SFL Foundation in Jerusalem is a channel for donors who want to see substantial and positive changes for the inhabitants of East Jerusalem. For decades upliftment in East Jerusalem has not materialized due to the political conflict. There are signs now that a change is on its way.

The SFL Foundation in Jerusalem is a neutral foundation headed by the Swedish IT entrepreneur Dan Olofsson and, during the next decade, it aims to focus on the delivery of education and jobs at a grassroots level.

The SFL Foundation in Jerusalem (Amuta No. 580732741) is working in cooperation with The Municipality of Jerusalem and the Arab leadership in East Jerusalem.

We are aware of the many challenges that exist, but we will not shrink from the task of contributing to peace and prosperity in this crossroads and center of the world.

We have developed five-year plans for the four projects and these are presented below. Based on this, we are now in the process of building up a local organization headed by our chief executive officer, ambassador Reda Mansour.

During the coming year, the foundation will also add executive directors to the board. A natural choice would be donors that show commitment to the cause of the foundation.

The foundation is apolitical and religiously neutral.

Summary of our projects

The achievements of the foundation in the coming years will depend on how much funding we receive. More funding means we can upgrade our programs and less means a downward adjustment.

Our plans for East Jerusalem in order to promote peace and prosperity

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