How we aim to change

Our projects

SFL Foundation in Jerusalem intends the coming decade to focus on delivery on the ground regarding education and jobs. Read more about our different core projects below.

Summary of our projects

The foundation’s achievements in the coming years will depend on how much funding we receive. More funding means we can upgrade our programs and with less means a downward adjustment.

Our plans for East Jerusalem in order to promote peace and prosperity

SFL Education

With Star for Life Education, we want to empower youth in East Jerusalem with the life skills they need to make the most of their education and help them realize their aspirational dreams for a better life in a city and society that is defined by social cohesion, and sustainable peace and prosperity.

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SFL Sigma Labs

Sigma Lab’s mission is to support the development of the Hi-Tech ecosystem in East Jerusalem. We aim to achieve this mission by adopting a multidisciplinary approach that consists of providing direct employment opportunities in the Hi-Tech sector, providing career support, training, and educational programs (Sigma Educational Campus).

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SFL Job Hub

Our vision is to have more people in jobs, successively in better-paid jobs. This will contribute to better lives and higher belief in the future.

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