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For more than 50 years investment in East Jerusalem has been scarce. We want to change that by investing and developing the area and helping to build new apartments for ordinary families.

Bringing peace and prosperity to East Jerusalem

The key objective of the foundation is delivery on the ground. Danir will fund the start-up phase but, in order to achieve substantial results over the years, contributions from others who share the vision of peace and prosperity for this crucial center of the world are key.

In addition to funding, Dan Olofsson will, as chair, drive the foundation with a focus on delivery.

Each project will be run by a dedicated project leader and team in cooperation with local stakeholders.

SFL Foundation in Jerusalem is a channel for donors who want to see change on the ground. We are flexible as to how a donor and partner might contribute and feel sure that solutions will be found through dialogue.

Contributions from donors can be for a specific project or to the foundation as a whole. Our acting Chief Executive Officer Göte Berntsson and our chair Dan Olofsson are open for suggestions


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