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With Star for Life Education, we want to empower youth in East Jerusalem with the life skills they need to make the most of their education and help them realise their aspirational dreams for a better life in a city and society that is defined by social cohesion, and sustainable peace and prosperity.

Empowering young people for a better future

Star for Life inspires young people to formulate dreams and empowers them with skills to realize their aspirations. The international Star for Life program is based on both science and global best-practice, and it is aligned with school curricula. Trained educators guide learners towards making conscious decisions on education, health, and friendships so that they gain some control over their own future. An initial version of the program that is designed for learners in Jerusalem is currently under development and will be piloted in September 2022.

Sustainable development naturally involves children and adolescent youth. The Star for Life Education program empowers learners with positive incentives to improve their health, self-leadership skills, and education outcomes. Since 2005, some 500.000 learners in Sweden, South Africa, and Namibia have gone through the program. Versions of the program for Tanzania and Ukraine are currently in process.

SFL Education Encourages participation by all learners.

Through partnerships with municipal authorities and civic organizations, the Star for Life Education Program is designed and implemented in ways that address the needs and make use of the opportunities that are unique to Jerusalem. At its core, it is a program for social and emotional learning that will strengthen learners’ self-esteem, their self-leadership skills and motivation for schoolwork, and their ability to understand, communicate with and build relationships with others. The expected outcomes include reduced drop-out rates, improved learning outcomes, and higher levels of mental wellbeing. Learners will gain a stronger sense of personal agency both in realizing their individual dreams and in contributing towards sustainable development for the communities.

SFL education empowers learners with essential life skills.

The program will be interfaced with the existing curricula in the participating schools. Classroom sessions in the formal part of the school day will be complemented with group activities in the afternoon. The program will include out-of-school trips and activities that help broaden learners’ perspectives and offer unique experiences. More theoretical discussions will be complemented by music, art, theatre, and other fun and games.

Generates reflection and learning through respectful conversations.

We plan to initiate a pilot phase of the program in a few Arab-speaking schools in September 2022. The program will be scaled-up incrementally throughout Jerusalem as support and demand grow among stakeholders, and additional funding becomes available.

In order to achieve the best effect, the program will seek active involvement, advice, and support from parents, guardians, community members, and leaders. Just like other programs by the Star for Life Foundation, the Education Program is a holistic and long-term initiative to help catalyze and support virtuous cycles of developments that will generate a better future for the people of Jerusalem and beyond.

Star for Life Education Team

Implementation Team

Paz Cohen

Managing Director Star for Life Education

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Diyala Midhat

Community Psychologist Star for Life Education

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Reem Yahya

Social Psychologist & Integrative Psychotherapist Star for Life Education

Ida Wahlström

Program Advisor Star for Life International

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Advisory Team

Per Strand

Head of Research and Development Star for Life International

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Areej Nairoukh

Educational Counselor

Bayan Ali Muhammed

English Teacher and Counselor

Fatmeh Sayyad

History Teacher & 12th Grade Supervisor

Wafa Hawari

Coordinator of English Language Teaching

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